Building Your Website, Step-By-Step

The ‘Basic Plan’ for Your Clients

Here's the basic plan:

  1. Product -- Multiple Products
  2. Sales Page for Product plus Shopping Cart
  3. Opt-In Lead Generation Page for Product plus Autoresponder
  4. Central Website using WordPress
  5. Promotion

You'll help with the initial website construction and training so they can run their own websites. Later, you'll still get asked to update websites so that will be ongoing additional work and income. And you'll make ongoing residual income by referring customers to SellBetter ToolBox, Easy Little Websites, Audio Acrobat, Instant Teleseminar, etc. (For your personal purchase, use my affiliate link. Then sign up your clients using your own affiliate link. This is completely ethical to do because you will disclose this in your client agreement.)

1. Product -- Multiple Products

Products can be easy or hard. Books are hard. Video is easier. Audio is easiest. There are a variety of products to help create products:

  • Camtasia: For screen capture video.
  • Sony "Sound Forge" Audio Studio: For recording and editing audio.
    Plus you may want a headset or digital recorder.
  • Audio Acrobat: Hosts audio and video playback.
  • Hosts video playback.
  • Instant Teleseminar: Hosts teleseminars, webcasts, and Powerpoint Webinars.

You can find all this and more at

Help your clients set up a product plan so they have a plan to create a new product each month, or more often if appropriate.

2. Sales Page for Product plus Shopping Cart

  • Easy Little Websites to create and serve the page.
  • SellBetter ToolBox to handle the sale.

Sometimes you do the sales page before the product so you know what needs to be in the product. Then, after the product is complete, you can revise the sales page to match.

3. Opt-In Lead Generation Page for Product plus Autoresponder

  • Easy Little Websites to create and serve the page.
  • SellBetter ToolBox for the autoresponder service.
  • Create and set up autoresponder messages to develop the relationship.

4. Central Website using WordPress

  • Hosting at HostGator or Hostorix
  • Install WordPress
  • Create custom theme, modify as required and install
  • Add plugins as required
  • Add Pages for Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service
  • Add Page for Media/Press Relations, Meeting Planners
  • Add first three articles (Posts) to get them started
  • Train them to add more articles

5. Promotion

  • Article Marketing.
  • Google Adwords for instant traffic.
  • Affiliates for long term success. (Offer affiliate status to every customer.)
  • Affiliate promotions, emails, to keep buzz alive.
  • Twitter and Facebook promotio to maintain a buzz. (Feed them automatically from the WordPress website as articles are posted.
  • Help them set up a promotion plan, a specific plan for what they will do each month to promote their business.

6. Ongoing Service to Clients

  • Helping create and post articles to website, article directories, some other blogs.

  • Maintain affiliate tools so affiliates can promote.

  • Affiliate management, providing tools, promotions, and direct response to affiliate inquiries.

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