Building Your Website, Step-By-Step

How Much Cash for a Website?

Not just any website. You want a dynamic website, where the information grows, and where your guest has a positive experience. A website you can be proud of.

Not long ago I read that the average small website cost in 2001 was $65,000; for large websites, $250,000.00.

Another story reported a survey of over 1,000 websites worldwide revealed an average cost of US $37,000. Successful companies shell out an average $26,000 annually for systems upkeep and upgrading.

But you don't want to spend money like that.

The fact is this: You can get a website for a lot less than $10000, next to nothing! It depends on how much of the work you want to do.

What about that 'next to nothing?'

There are lots of places on the internet where you can get a website created and hosted for $300 or less. If all you want is a page or two with a bit of "brochure" information, go for it! Frankly, we don't recommend it.

We do suggest that you can build your own website on a shoestring, if that's what you want to do.

In fact, in Internet Business Magic, you learn how to plan a basic website. Planning is an important key.

You need to have a plan for:

  • What you want your website to do
  • How your website will look
  • What kind of content you're going to provide
  • An effective search engine strategy
  • Methods you will use to interact with your guests or visitors
  • Offers you're going to make (your products or services)
  • How you will lay out the website

Then you need to figure out how to implement that plan.

The technical part scares a lot of people. But if you study our book, and have some degree of computer savvy (you're not afraid of the computer), you can sign on with our partner hosting service and install our recommended CMS (Content Management System) yourself. (And that software is free!)

So, you can do it yourself, and you only have to pay for the hosting service, about ten bucks a month.

Ultimately, you may need to hire a designer to modify the graphics you use on your website. That will cost between $150 and $1000, depending on who you choose and what you expect them to do.

On the other hand, a lot of people don't want to go to all that bother.

Can you do it for me?

Yes, you can run your own website... on a day to day basis. And it's pretty easy. But do you really want to learn how to set it up in the first place?

One of my friends explained it to me this way. Suzy asked, "Why would I want to learn how to set up a website when I'm only going to do it once?"

Excellent question.

"I'm eager to learn how to change and add information to my website, to keep it fresh," she added. "Because that's something that's ongoing, and you've shown me how to do it quickly and easily. But I want you to set it up for me."

So now we do that... occasionally, when we can be convinced that you really want our kind of website. Almost always, the bill is $4500 - $8000... and that's a website with lots of business generating capability.

For information about what we do, click here.

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