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Can I Have Audio on my Website?

Audio is one of the great tools on a website, and we make it easy at RYOWebsite.

Here's an example. Let Rich Hamilton tell you just a bit about how this website service came to be:


Easy to Listen; Easy to Use
You'll notice that we don't fool around with Windows Media Player or RealAudio.

No special players are required. The guests who visit your website don't have to wait while the media player starts up, and you don't have to "watch" your audio in a special window. This easy system makes other audio technologies obsolete. It works great on dial-up modems or high-speed.

There are no special viewers for your guests to download. Because of its excellent sound quality, speed and universal use on 98.7% of PCs and MACs worldwide, we use the Flash™ audio. Unlike Real Audio™, regular MP3 or Windows Media Player™, Flash™ does not require any software and that’s why it’s the audio format of choice for top online marketers.

It's almost as easy to put audio on your website as it is to listen. You upload an mp3 audio file, then add a special link in your page or article text that refers to the file. The software that manages your website recognizes the mp3 file and serves the audio with a special button, including a pause button!

Recording and Editing Audio
Not sure how to record or edit audio? Download a free copy of Audacity. Click here...

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