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Do I have to use your designated hosting service with RYOW?

Recently, we got this question: "I like Lenny's web site and he said he did it with your system. My wife said that your system only works with certain providers -- does it work with Go Daddy?"

It might, or might not. Actually, it "probably" will work, if you know how to configure everything. And it might not be worth trying.

Here's what we say in our special report that comes with the product:

Do I have to use DreamHost for hosting?
No, but we recommend it. Here’s why:

  1. Our software works with DreamHost servers. As much as your “techie” friends might tell you about how “hosting is hosting,” it’s just not that easy. We use php programs with mySql databases. Every implementation of php and mySql is a little different.

  2. Our videos show you how to do it with DreamHost. We show you how to register a domain name, how to set up an email account, and how to install WordPress software.

  3. It’s just easier. The first time we set up WordPress on another hosting company, it took us about an hour and a half to figure out their mySql database. And, frankly, it was hard. At DreamHost, we did it in less than a minute, just answering a couple of questions. DreamHost hosts over 200,000 domains, and a lot of them run WordPress.

"I already use another company." We know that a number of people may already use a different hosting company. Unless you expect your website to have an unusually high level of traffic, exceeding the reasonable limits of a shared or virtual server system, use DreamHost. It works, and it works with our stuff. And the price is quite reasonable.

If we see (and test) another hosting company and find it to be equally easy and reliable, we’ll post that information on the support website.

"Are you telling me the software won’t work on another host?" Maybe. We test it and support it on DreamHost.

So, will it work at GoDaddy?

Well, how tech-oriented are you? How are you at setting up software? Creating mysql databases? FTPing files to the server? Configuring php versions? The hosting service we suggest has a "one-click install" for our core WordPress engine -- sets up the database, installs the software, and sets up the configuration file.

Then our installer (for our special RYO Power Software) is designed to install to this hosting service, too. And while it will work elsewhere, you'll have to be sure of your installation paths, technical stuff that most people don't want to figure out.

Are you versed in php as cgi? Or php as php? Don't know the difference? UhOh.

We show you how to set up email accounts at DreamHost. Sure, you can do it at GoDaddy; maybe you already have. But our video won't give you as much help, might even confuse you.

I had another hosting company test it on their system. They had problems with our automated htaccess updates. That resulted in links throghout the system that wouldn't work. We told them what was wrong; they had to figure out how to fix it. Which they did, and now they endorse it, but it's still going to be a bit confusing.

Finally, what does it cost to host at GoDaddy?

Last time I looked, GoDaddy was about $4, or $7, or $15. But that was all for just one domain.

That same day I looked at DreamHost. $7.95 on a 2-year plan, as many domains as you want. Not 1. Not 3. Not 6. And you get a terabyte of transfer. (That's 1000GB, a lot!)

So, with multiple domains, you can set up several websites, one for each niche market you're interested in, and feed visitors between websites. Even add a website for your church, or for a "soapbox" issue, something personal you just want to "spout" about. All on the same hosting account.

Those prices might change by the time you read this. Either way, pricing is reasonable.

Now, I know GoDaddy, like a lot of other hosting comapnies, has a lot of happy customers, and they have an amazing service. Maybe it works fine.

And there are thousands of hosting services. I'm sure it will work pretty well on most of them, if you can get it installed and configured okay. Is it worth the bother?

Maybe you should ask the hosting company if they will certify their service for Run Your Own Website.

Basic specifications, as best I can recall:

  • Linux hosting (Ours is Debian Linux)
  • pHp, 4.4.2 or 5.1.2
  • pHp running as cgi
  • Image processing support -- GD 2.0.1 or later
  • MySql 5.0.18 (Another version might work, that's what we're running as I write this)
  • Create and Write access to .htaccess, and other directories.
  • Easiest if the full FTP path to a domain is one folder/directory with the name of the domain in lower case, as in:


But there are a number of small configurations that could screw it up.

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