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Do I need SellBetter Toolbox Too?

If I use Run Your Own Website, do I also need SellBetter Toolbox? Does the toolbox come with RYOW?

They are two separate packages. They work well together. They also work well alone. It just depends on what you need.

SellBetter Toolbox can be used with ANY website, whether you use the RYOW system or not. In fact, it can be used with several websites, as many as you wish. So, if you have multiple websites, SellBetter Toolbox will consolidate all your sales activity and make it much easier to manage.

Since you're looking over this website, I'll assume you understand what RYOW is all about. (If not, you'll discover it by reading some more articles here.)

So what is SellBetter Toolbox?

SellBetter Toolbox is a suite of internet marketing tools – all in one package – and all actively work together to generate business while you sit back and simply watch it work! Or take a nap.

Let's look at the individual parts.

Shopping Cart

An ecommerce Shopping Cart on your website instantly connects to your internet Merchant Account. It takes orders. You go to breakfast!

If you're serious about selling right from your website, you need a secure ecommerce solution. Setting that up on your own website can be complicated and expensive. The easy solution is to seamlessly switch out to a secure website to handle the money. SellBetter Toolbox does that.

With SellBetter Toolbox, your order form is on a secure server page. Your data is safely encrypted and is safe from unauthorized access. The system is Security Metrics Certified and a Verisign secure site.

Possibly more important, SellBetter Toolbox meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of Visa’s PCI & CISP programs to ensure maximum security with your sensitive financial data and information.

And, most important: With all the concern about identity theft, Visa and MasterCard will require even more. Legal requirements regarding sensitive data like credit card numbers will require even more. If you try to run this on your website, it's going to be a real pain... and expensive. Isn't it comforting to know that SellBetter Toolbox will continue to take care of this for you?

Value/Cost: A program like this on it’s own? About $1,000.

SellBetter Toolbox provides you more than a shopping cart. SellBetter Toolbox provides essential marketing tools you need to succeed online; like autoresponders, ad trackers, affiliate programs, online questionnaires, online database management, newsletters and email broadcasting to your database of prospects, clients and affiliates, and much more. And they're already programmed to work together.

Upsell at the point of purchase

What’s the best possible time to make another sale? The very moment the customer is ordering from you. Ask to add something to the order.

Value/Cost: To program this kind of thing would cost you somewhere around $1,000.

Digital Delivery System

Your many websites’ Digital Delivery Wizard automatically delivers e-books, mp3 files and digital documents immediately . . . as quickly as customers buy; you have virtually NO delivery cost.

Value/Cost: Around $300 or more.

Client Management System

Create a powerful database of prospects and customers and sort by virtually any criteria. Customize offers and email to select groups.

Value/Cost: Somewhere around $3,000.

Email Blast System

Send an email “blast” to any or all of your cus-tomer base, selected by product purchased, date purchased, or locality.

Value/Cost: Approximately $1,000.

Smart Autoresponder System

Multiple Autoresponders effortlessly work across several of your websites to follow up your sales and leads, manage your mailing lists, and build repeat customers.

Value/Cost: You’d probably pay $60 a month for this service alone.

Ad Tracker

Ad Trackers easily and continually improve your advertising results. Click-thru and Buy rates for each ad show which ads pay. Split tests show which web pages work best.

Value/Cost: Programming this in your website would run somewhere between $1500 to $2000.

Affiliate System

Affiliate Tracking System builds an army of “salespeople” who go out and promote your busi-ness to thousands of prospects. It’s done auto-matically. Pay commissions only when they make a sale.

Value/Cost: Affiliate programs typically start at $1000 - $2500, plus monthly maintenance fees.

Coupon Promotion System

Run Coupon Specials or Other Limited Offer Promotions easily, offering a special price or dis-count to customers who use a special promo code.

Value/Cost: To create a coupon system like this would run you about $1,000.

Tell a Friend

Let website visitors refer others to your website quickly and easily.

Value/Cost: Programming this would cost you around $500.

…and much more!

All-In-One Value: Separately, you’d be lucky to pay as little as $10,000 to start, plus updates and maintenance, so SellBetter Toolbox is an amazing bargain: depending on the features you choose, as low as $29 a month!

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