Building Your Website, Step-By-Step

Can I get someone else to set it up and still protect my ideas?

Question: I know NOTHING about computers but I have an idea for a website. How do I go
forward? How do I get someone who is a genius at computers setting it up for
me but protect my idea from getting stolen ?

  1. Hire an attorney who specializes in intellectual property rights to advise you about protecting your idea.

  2. Find a computer genius and pay them to set up the website.

The challenge? You'll probably get burned twice: First by the attorney, then by the computer genius.

Why? Because you'll choose an attorney who knows little about trademarks, patents, and copyright. And you'll choose the wrong computer genius.

You may find some help on the legal front here.

I sense an attitude here that concerns me. You say you know "nothing" but have a great idea. And you want someone else to do all the work.

The point of this website is for you to run your own website. Not to have someone else do it all for you.

Of course, most people aren't computer geniuses, but they can get a few things handled themselves. Like setting up a blog website or a sales letter website to sell something.

If you need programming, hire a programmer, by all means.

And if you're afraid your idea will be stolen, remember that as soon as you put it online, the whole world will see it anyway, so there's no way to protect it.

One of the top internet marketers in the world told me recently, "I don't worry about people stealing my ideas. Why? Because I know they will steal them. But they don't know how to market them."

So the keys are:

  1. Get the website going.
  2. Market it. Market it. Market it.

I wish you great success.

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