Building Your Website, Step-By-Step

Look what happens when you post an article to a WordPress website!

After you post an article on the website, magical things happen (thanks to the WordPress ping and RSS facility).

Search engines gret "pinged" with information about the new article and your RSS feed is updated.


Well... let's look at the RSS feed thing. That means a special file is requested from your website by another website, a sort of computer talks to computer thing. (Still 'huh?' ... huh?)

Your clients, prospects, and friends can set up their software to track what you do at your website so they know what's new, without even going to your website. Then, if something interesting appears, they can pop over to your website to read it.

In my case, I set up MyYahoo to track your website (and a number of others). Each morning I fire up my computer and go to my computer's home page, which I have set to MyYahoo. (MyYahoo is customized to show what I want.)

So, this morning, look what I found:


There, along with AP news, Business Journal, and more, is your new post, "Discovering Innovative '3rd ideas!'" Easy to click and see the full story.

It's powerful, for those who use it, it gets around email/spam, and it's automatic. It just happens. You don't have to do anything to get it to work.

Very cool.

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