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Should I use Sellbetter Toolbox or DreamHost for my email list?

There are advantages to both. You have to make the decision based on your current needs, with an eye to the future.

Both Systems offer these features...

  • HTML or Plain Text messages
    (HTML use to format the email.)
  • Receive notification of subscriptions
  • Customize your own double opt-in message, CAN-SPAM Act compliant

DreamHost Announce Lists

While the DreamHost system is a bit clumsy to use, we've made it easier to handle with our videos in Chapter 6 and the Chapter 6 Do-It-Yourself Planner. At DreamHost you have to coordinate several features of the mailing system (an email address, an autoresponder, and an announce list) to get your mailing list running.

DreamHost Announce Lists carry the following features:

  • No additional cost. When you use the DH Announce List feature, it's something you get free with your hosting account.
  • Semi-automatic subscribe/unsubscribe eMail processing.
  • Bounced eMail manager, limited control but addresses are removed after n bounces. (You can change the number of bounces required for removal.)

SellBetter Toolbox Autoresponders

The SellBetter Toolbox system is considerably more flexible and easier to manage. It's integrated with the shopping cart, advertising tracking, digital delivery system, and affiliate program. So everything works together.

The SellBetter Toolbox is much more than an autoresponder service. The mailing lists that it manages for you are coordinated with your sales and marketing system, and that's extremely valuable. We tell people:

  • If you have products ready to sell, and you expect to make online sales a significant part of your business, you should use SellBetter Toolbox. The shopping cart and integrated marketing tools are amazing.

  • If your products aren't ready yet, and you're going to start collecting email addresses and emailing to establish a relationship before the products are ready, you should use the SellBetter Toolbox but sign up only for the Auto Responder plan. Then you can upgrade later when your products are ready, and everything will be coordinated.

  • If you don't need digital product delivery or an affiliate program, you should just sign up for the Basic plan, which gives you both the smart shopping cart and the autoresponders. Later to can move up to the Pro package when you need to add an affiliate program or digital delivery. Again, by starting with a smaller package, then moving up, your database is already in place and working.

  • If you need an affiliate program, or are selling digital goods for online delivery, sign up for the Pro package. There's nothing better.

And you'll find the support with SellBetter Toolbox is also amazing, and that's important for this kind of service.

The SellBetter Toolbox automatic responder system carries these additional features:

  • Fully integrated with the shopping cart and other marketing tools that are part of sellBetter Toolbox.
  • Unlimited follow-ups per autoresponder. Follow-ups are additional emails sent in sequence after someone is subscribed to a list. Very useful for mini-courses, inquiry follow-up, and spaced delivery of information.
  • Tie subscriptions to purchases in the SellBetter Toolbox shopping cart.
  • Mail followup messages to third-party addresses, that is, when someone is subscribed, perhaps by buying a product, an email can be sent to you or anyone else to initiate fulfillment or other followup, or for a record of subscriptions.
  • Merge subscribers up to 22 custom fields. Useful for specialized marketing efforts.
  • Merge custom fields, like 'name,' in the subject line of outgoing emails.
  • Add or Edit messages at any time. You can edit existing messages easily.
  • Multiple subscriptions available if necessary.
  • Automated addition of an autoresponder message to different lists.
  • Send yourself Test messages.
  • Adds your signature file(s) to autoresponders & eMail broadcasts.
  • Easy-to-use User Interface.
  • Graphical statistics and metrics.
  • Quick and easy import/export subscriber lists.
  • Complete ad tracking to monetize campaigns.
  • Subscriber sign up by eMail or a web page form.
  • Free customer support via phone or eMail.
  • Product-specific autoresponders.
  • Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe eMail processing.
  • E-Mail delivery rates for opened (HTML only) delivered, failed, removed.
  • Real-time tracking for subscribes/opt-ins/removes.
  • Personalize all messages with 10 Custom + 21 standard fields for emailing.
  • Multi-part MIME eMail support.
  • Easy custom opt-in form generator.
  • Double opt-in system that can be turned on or off.
  • Easy to use Ezine/Newsletter management.
  • Send test messages for preview.
  • New subscriber notices.
  • Automatically flags invalid eMail addresses.
  • Bounced eMail manager.
  • Spam-Score your messages before sending. With a simple click, you can run a Spam Assassin check of problematic keywords that might keep your mailing from getting through.
  • Spam Protection. Our system automatically captures IP address from all forms.
  • Incredible delivery speeds handle over a million messages per hour.
  • Maximum eMail delivery guaranteed every time.
  • Easy to use pop-up generator.
  • Pop-up forms automatically captures prospects' emails without filling in a form.
  • Complete online User Guide available 24/7.

Learn more now about SellBetter Toolbox.

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