Building Your Website, Step-By-Step

Ted’s Great Frustration

Not too long ago I sent an email to Ted, another professional speaker. The email was returned to me, undeliverable, so I called Ted to tell him his mailbox was full.

His response was frustration. He said his email didn’t work and his whole website was a disaster. All it was showing was an “Under Construction” page. The people who were supposed to make it work were not getting it done. And he asked if I would help him fix it.

You might call me a techie, when it comes to computers and the internet. I’m enough of a nerd that I understand this stuff. Most people don’t, and if they do, they don’t have the time to deal with it all. So, like Ted, they ask me to help.

Ted would like to do it himself, but it’s too complicated. At least, it’s been too complicated until now.

Ted is about to discover that he can tackle his website all by himself, and have it look good, draw traffic, and develop business.

Because Ted is going to use the information you’re reading right here.

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