How Your Clients Think

How your clients think article coming here.

(And why your work is worth a lot!)

Your Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy article coming here

The ‘Basic Plan’ for Your Clients

Here’s the basic plan: Continue reading

WordPress Plugins

Here’s a list of WordPress plugins that you’ll want to install for most websites. Continue reading

Test SOM

Test this:

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Software for Service Providers

Getting Started? Software you need:

You need to set a Continue reading

Things you’ll need to get started

Here’s a list of software and tools you’ll need to get started: Continue reading

Controlling Customer Access

There are several ways to control access to your WordPress website so that you can let customers get your information instantly online, and protect it from non-customers at the same time. Continue reading

Ted’s Great Frustration

Not too long ago I sent an email to Ted, another professional speaker. The email was returned to me, undeliverable, so I called Ted to tell him his mailbox was full.

His response was frustration. He said his email didn’t work and his whole website was a disaster. All it was showing was Continue reading

$30,000 for a Website!

One of my friends, Bill, was grumbling about his internet website. (I won’t reveal Bill’s full name, but he’s a nationally known professional speaker. It wouldn’t surprise me if you have heard him speak.)

Bill invested about $30,000 to have a beautiful website to sell his products and services. It was beautiful, but it didn’t Continue reading

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