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Ted’s Great Frustration

Not too long ago I sent an email to Ted, another professional speaker. The email was returned to me, undeliverable, so I called Ted to tell him his mailbox was full.

His response was frustration. He said his email didn’t work and his whole website was a disaster. All it was showing was Continue reading

$30,000 for a Website!

One of my friends, Bill, was grumbling about his internet website. (I won’t reveal Bill’s full name, but he’s a nationally known professional speaker. It wouldn’t surprise me if you have heard him speak.)

Bill invested about $30,000 to have a beautiful website to sell his products and services. It was beautiful, but it didn’t Continue reading

How Easy is it to Start a Website?

I'm often asked, "Is it really hard to start a website?"

I'm also asked, "How much does it cost to put up a website?"

(These questions usually come from people who want me to tell them it's really hard, and really expensive, so they will have an excuse not to do it.)

They're easy questions. And the answer Continue reading

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